Every year since founded in 2003, Latvian Mycological Society nominates the Fungus of the Year. It may earn such honors for various reasons: particularly rare, new to this country, exceptionally beautiful or strange-looking, highly poisonous or destructive, or, to the contrary, fairly protective.


Hygrocybe conica

A small mushroom, often neglected by general public, but nicely colorful!

 2020    2019

Peziza ammophila

This ascomycete, inhabiting sand dunes along the seashore, is rare in Latvia and included into the Protected Species List.

Sarcodontia crocea

This wood-inhabiting toothed fungus becomes more and more seldom in Latvia due to its shrinking habitat (old apple trees).

 2018  2017

Calvatia gigantea

Once the species had been regarded as very rare in Latvia and even put on the Red List. Nowadays it's known to be common.

Choiromyces meandriformis

The species has been found in Latvia for the very first time as recently as in 2015, and then on 3 more occasions in 2016.

 2016  2015

Amanita strobiliformis

This species is very rare an is on the official List of Protected Species. A single locality, regularly producing fruit-bodies, is known in this country currently, along with few sporadic ones.

Phlebiopsis gigantea

It is a common saprophytic fungus that is used as a biological control of root rot, caused by Heterobasidion spp. Hence the it is of real importance to Latvia which is half-covered by forests.

 2014  2013

Boletus projectellus

This North-American species was discovered in Latvia in 2013. The aim of its nomination was to alert mushroom hunters and thus help to investigate its distribution in Latvia (read more).

Serpula lacrymans

The true dry rot fungus is by far the most dangerous fungus to wooden structures in buildings, even to the entire buildings. Unfortunately it is widely spread in Latvia.

 2012  2011

Rhodotus palmatus

This species is extremely rare in Latvia. For quite a number of years, there were no reports of it having been seen. However, several specimens were finally found in 2011.

Amanita phalloides

This is the deadliest mushroom in Latvia and in the world. Two deadly cases of Amanita virosa poisoning in 2010 prompted the Society to focus public attention on those deadly species.

 2010  2009

Hericium clathroides

This large and beautiful coral-like fungus ir very rare in Latvia's forests. Its nomination as the Fungus of the Year aimes at en- dorsing general public to look for new localities of the species.

Heterobasidion annosum

 2008  2007

Agaricus bitorquis

Leucopaxillus giganteus

 2006  2005

Sarcosoma globosum

Phaeolepiota aurea

 2004  2003

Ganoderma lucidum

Helvella crispa



On two occasions, Latvian Mycological Society has also nominated its Lichen of the Year.

 2010  2008

Peltigera aphthosa

Cladina stellaris


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