Skede, LATVIA, Sep 22–26, 2014

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The Symposium will be held at the Skede (Šķēde) Forest Research Station "Mežmāja" (120 km to the West from Riga) in 2014 from September 22 (arrival, registration, get-together party) to September 26 (back to Riga, incl. an excursion)


"Mežmāja” is a training center for forestry students, located in a picturesque area only 8 km from the town of Talsi. The complex consists of three buildings: "Mednieki" is the office for the foresters of Skede forest district, while "Mežmāja" includes the conference building and accommodation area. Wi-Fi is available; however, data rate is rather limited there.


Dendrological plantations (including the first beech cultures) in Skede were set up in 1885. Total area of Skede forest district takes up to 2489 hectares. The climate, soil and growth conditions here are suitable for local and introduced trees. The main species are spruce (43.2%), birch (32.8%) and pine (16.5%). The most important introduced species are beech, red oak, fir, larch, Douglas fir, cedar and hornbeam.


There are two accommodation options available:

1. The venue of the symposium has two-bed and four-bed rooms. Price for bed is 16,50 Euro per night (including breakfast). Number of rooms is limited, and places will be allocated on a “first come, first served” basis. Reservation of these rooms can be made sending the following information: first name, institution name and address. Please indicate preferred room-mates (if known). Please send the information to the e-mail address


2. A special arrangement has been made with the hotel ”Talsi” in the town of Talsi (only 8 km from the venue). Several categories of rooms are available in the price range from 32 EUR (single room), to 41.50–46 EUR (twin room) per night (incl. participant discount). Reservations can be made by sending e-mail to the hotel directly: Please, indicate in your e-mail that you are the participant of the symposium.


The venue is located 120 km to the West from Riga and 8 km from the town of Talsi. It can be reached by car or bus. 

We offer a specially arranged bus from the meeting point at the Latvian Museum of Natural History (Kr.Barona Str. 4), Riga, on Monday, September 22, departure at 15:00. Please let us know if you would prefer that option. Participants are kindly asked to gather in the Museum for a cup of coffee or tea before bus departure to Talsi and Skede. There is also an opportunity to spend your spare time in Riga for city sightseeing. After the Symposium, on September 26, the bus will take the participants back to Riga. On that return trip, we offer you to visit the medieval town of Kuldiga.

If you intend to go to the Symposium by car, make sure to enter this address of the venue into your GPS navigator:

 Mežmāja, Laucienes pagasts, LV-3285 

Otherwise, since there are two locations named Šķēde in Latvia, you may end up 100+ km away from your destination!


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