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Latest news

September 24, 2014. The Symposium goes ahead as planned. Everybody seems to enjoy it!

Photo by Diana Meiere

Photo by Diana Meiere

September 22, 2014. With the Get-together party, the Symposium is under way now!

Photo by Diana Meiere

September 22, 2014. The Abstracts of the Symposium have been published.

Sept 8, 2014. The List of Participants of the Symposium has been published.

August 15, 2014. The full Programme of the Symposium has been published.

Good news! Wi-Fi is available at the Venue (with limited data rate, however).

Attention! For those who intend to go to the Symposium by car, a navigation
issue has been identified. If you are one of them, visit Venue page for details.


Photo by Diana Meiere

In anticipation of the Symposium, the prototype of its
logo had sprung up at the Venue as early as mid-July!

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