The Latvian Mycological Society is a social organization that unites the researchers of fungi and lichens, as well as those, who simply wish to learn more about those beautiful and mysterious living beings. The Society was founded in 2002. It is active in its home country and occasionally - on international level.


The main fields of the Society’s activities are:

 ● investigation and conservation of the diversity of fungi and lichens;
 ● systematics and taxonomy of fungi and lichens;
 ● biology of fungi and lichens;
 ● ecology of fungi and lichens;
 ● pathogenic fungi in agriculture, forestry and medicine;
 ● mycorrhizal fungi;
 ● cultivation of fungi;
 ● development of the Latvian terminology of fungi and lichens.

Our main aim is to promote the investigation and conservation of fungal and lichens diversity in Latvia. With this aim in mind, it is envisaged to advance the Society’s research activities, to convene conferences, seminars and courses, to hold consultations and to do lecturing on mycology and lichenology to both professionals and amateurs, to promote the publication of books, proceedings, brochures and other issues of educational character, to organize excursions and field camps to familiarize oneself with fungi and lichens, to collaborate with other societies and organizations in Latvia and abroad.

The website of the Society is this one. The Facebook group of the Society is here.


Address: National Museum of Natural History
4 Kr. Barona str., LV-1712 Riga, LATVIA
Phone: +371 67356048 (Diana Meiere)

Society's officials



Edgars Vimba

Board of administration (incl. chairwoman)

Ilze Irbe

Darta Klavina

Diana Meiere

Edgars Mukins

Ivo Treide



Ligita Liepina


Society's regular domestic activities

Each fungal growth season the Society organizes a mycological weekend camp and field trips for its members. The most knowledgeable members are often asked to either organize or direct local mushroom exhibitions, seminars on practical use and benefits of fungi as well as similar events in various regions of Latvia, and they readily do so. Those members also support season's top mushroom exhibition which is held by the National Museum of Natural History in early autumn.

The Society gathers mycologists from various fields of mycology: forest mycology and pathology (LSFRI Silava), plant pathology (LLU), indoor fungi research (WCI), fungal diversity and taxonomy (LMNH).

Society's top international activities

 XVI Symposium of Mycologists and Lichenologists 
 of the Baltic states (Latvia, 2005) 

 XIX Symposium of Mycologists and Lichenologists 
 of the Baltic states (Latvia, 2014) 


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